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Empower your remote business with uninterrupted IDS Satellite internet connectivity. Scale your business globally with secure Satellite network solutions. Small Business Internet. High-Speed Internet Connection for Enterprises, Choose Your Office Internet with Best Price and 24/7 Support.

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About Internet Broadband Services - IDS Technology

Investing in a strong internet connection has become essential for businesses in today’s digital age. According to a survey, poor internet connectivity can cause an employee to lose up to a week’s worth of time each year. In the corporate world, this lost time can result in significant financial losses. Therefore, the initial step towards growth and revenue for any corporation is to invest in a dependable and dedicated small business internet service.

Small business owners and enterprises require a reliable internet connection, whether it is a leased line or office broadband. They need strong network infrastructure, quick service, and flexibility, which is why they prefer us as their Internet service provider. We stand by our commitment to providing the best internet service, making us the top choice for SMEs.

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managed wifi

Higher speeds for optimal performance

Speeds up to 1 GBPS for seamless connectivity to power business agility

No data limits

No data limits

Jitter-free, dual-path connectivity with unlimited data consumption

Static IP and auto-failover

A reliable, stable network with near-zero downtime

Better performance

Seamless network experience for even the most data-consuming apps and transfers

Internet Broadband Satellite SMB

It is a cost-effective, high-speed access solution for primary connectivity in small remote offices with less than ten users. It can offer you:

  • A reliable, high-speed link for small offices: Enterprises today extend beyond major metropolitan areas to remote and temporary business locations where other technologies cannot offer the price and performance you may expect or require. With Internet Broadband Satellite SMB, broadband access to the Internet or your corporate WAN is no longer limited by location.
  • Coverage: Internet Broadband Satellite SMB, using Tachyon.Net’s patented network technologies, enables your enterprise to tap into IP connectivity virtually anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Performance: Internet Broadband Satellite SMB offers two-way, enterprise-grade, IP connectivity solutions that are ideal for any business with small remote offices relying on data applications. Tachyon.Net provides quality service and reliable last-mile interconnectivity with the service levels you need to ensure your organization’s complete communications continuity.

Benefits of Office Internet for small and medium enterprises

No data limits

Lower TCO

Reduce your operational expenditure (OpEx) by eliminating the costs of network management.

managed wifi

Higher security

Office Internet comes with security features such as Firewall as a Service (FaaS), improved threat intelligence, and authentication for wi-fi users.

24/7 network support

Continuous monitoring and management of the network 24/7 to ensure excellent connectivity and minimize the occurrence of downtime.

More network control

The centralized user management portal provided by Spectra allows for remote and network access control that is based on specific roles or department levels.

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Why IDS Technology? Internet Broadband Satellite Internet Broadband

If your business has more than 20 users, it’s best to consider leased line connectivity instead of broadband. Broadband can be costly and require high maintenance with a large number of users. Opt for enterprise broadband leased line connectivity if you have multiple locations and many users. At IDS Technology, we understand your needs and can recommend the best solution for your business, whether it’s for a small or large enterprise. With leased line connectivity, we guarantee an uptime of over 99.5% for your internet connectivity.

  • Transparent Service Always
  • 24X7 NOC managed by a team of experts
  • SLA Driven Service
  • Quick Installation & Hassle-Free Service
  • Adjustable Bandwidth

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What is 5G internet solution and how is it different from 4G?

5G internet solution is the latest generation of wireless technology that provides faster internet speed, lower latency, and higher network capacity than 4G. It uses a different radio frequency and more advanced technology to transmit data, enabling faster and more reliable connections.

What is video surveillance and how is it used?

Video surveillance is a system of cameras and recording devices used to monitor and record activity in a specific area. It is commonly used for security purposes, such as in public places, homes, and businesses, to deter criminal activity and provide evidence in case of incidents.

What is VOLTE and how does it work?

VOLTE (Voice over LTE) is a technology that allows voice calls to be made over 4G LTE networks. It uses IP (Internet Protocol) to transmit voice calls as data packets, enabling faster and higher quality calls than traditional circuit-switched voice calls.

How can 5G improve the quality of video surveillance?

5G can improve the quality of video surveillance by providing faster and more reliable internet connections, enabling higher resolution video and real-time streaming of footage. It can also support more advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence applications to enhance the effectiveness of video surveillance.