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IDS technology is a leading provider of microwave transmission technology used to meet the backhaul infrastructure needs of today’s mobile networks.

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About IDS Technology

IDS Technology Solutions, LLC is the wireless expert in advanced network migration, building the foundation for the 5G/LTE broadband future and enabling wireless transformation network connectivity ecosphere around the world. We utilize proven wireless solutions to meet voice, data, and video requirements for both government and commercial clients. Our staff of dedicated engineers views every project as important as its client does and overcomes any obstacles during the planning, implementation, testing, training, and support when and where necessary.

About Us

LTE – Ready Wireless Backhaul

IDS technology is a leading provider of microwave transmission technology used to meet the backhaul infrastructure needs of today’s mobile networks.

Our Eclipse Packet Node is a transformational high-speed wireless transmission solution that provides the intelligence and efficiency to gradually migrate mobile backhaul networks toward next-generation 5G while preserving investments in and protecting revenue streams from existing 2G/3G infrastructure.


The backhaul challenge

Discriminating public and private network operators are actively investing in advanced 3G/HSPA mobile broadband services while simultaneously preparing networks for evolution to 4G/ LTE. Operators need to fend off aggressive competitors, keep up with subscribers’ escalating demands, leverage government incentives, and offset traditional voice revenues.

Unfortunately, many mobile operators lack the ability to add more capacity to their network without the risk of disrupting existing services. They may also struggle with inconsistent network performance due to capacity limits, limited backhaul spectrum availability, and the need to maintain high-quality legacy TDM voice services. At the same time, operators must also prepare their network for the introduction of new high-speed Ethernet/IP-based services in an environment of constrained CAPEX and downward pressure on OPEX.

IDS technology – the Network Migration Experts

IDS technology provides complete wireless solutions to minimize the risk and cost of migrating backhaul networks from today’s TDM technology to the all-IP infrastructure of the future. We are able to provide a qualified team of local migration experts with a relentless focus on customer satisfaction to enable smooth IP transformation while protecting existing investments.

We are a pioneer in providing backhaul solutions for mobile networks since the industry was in its infancy. Our experience and global reach enable us to bring the best of technology to help solve our customer’s problems. We are immersed in local culture and terrain, business, and government practices, so we have an intimate understanding of customers’ infrastructure challenges. With IDS technology, you will not get a “one size fits all” approach—we craft solutions to meet the unique needs of your business, your markets, and your specific stage of network development or evolution.

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What is LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul technology?

LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul is a technology solution used to provide high-speed wireless connectivity between cellular towers and the core network. It utilizes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology to offer high data rates, low latency, and high reliability for backhaul applications.

How does LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul work?

LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul works by utilizing a network of wireless radios to create a point-to-point wireless link between the cellular tower and the core network. This wireless link is designed to offer high-speed data transfer rates, low latency, and high reliability, which are all critical factors for backhaul applications.

What are the benefits of LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul?

LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul offers several benefits for mobile network operators, including high-speed connectivity, low latency, high reliability, and lower cost of ownership compared to traditional wired backhaul solutions. It also enables mobile network operators to quickly and easily expand their network coverage to underserved areas, which is a significant advantage for rural and remote regions.

What are the challenges of deploying LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul?

One of the primary challenges of deploying LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul is the need for sufficient spectrum availability. This technology requires a significant amount of spectrum to operate effectively, which can be a challenge in some regions where the spectrum is limited. Additionally, the deployment of wireless backhaul solutions can also be challenging in urban areas due to the need for high-density networks.

How does LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul compare to other backhaul solutions?

Compared to other backhaul solutions such as traditional wired solutions and microwave solutions, LTE-Ready Wireless Backhaul offers several advantages. It provides higher data rates, lower latency, and greater reliability than traditional wired solutions while also being more cost-effective. Additionally, it can be deployed more quickly and easily than microwave solutions, making it a popular choice for mobile network operators.