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Our wireless transport solutions for private networks enable efficient, self-provided network connectivity without relying on expensive leased circuits or fiber and without high recurring operational costs.

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About IDS Technology Solution

IDS Technology Solutions, LLC is the wireless expert in advanced network migration, building the foundation for the 5G/LTE broadband future and enabling wireless transformation network connectivity ecosphere around the world. We utilize proven wireless solutions to meet voice, data, and video requirements for both government and commercial clients. Our staff of dedicated engineers views every project as important as its client does and overcomes any obstacles during the planning, implementation, testing, training, and support when and where necessary.

About Us

Solution For Private and Enterprise

Our wireless transport solutions for private networks enable efficient, self-provided network connectivity without relying on expensive leased circuits or fiber and without high recurring operational costs.

Our microwave transport and LTE wireless solutions support voice, video and high-speed Ethernet data for any size business, agency or organization. Our solutions deliver the flexibility to meet current and future needs with seamless, cost-effective upgrades as capacity demands increase.

For operators with existing legacy TDM transport networks, our Network Transition Unit (NTU) provides a simple, cost-effective, and low-risk migration path to enable you to add Ethernet/IP transport to existing transmission systems, and then ultimately migrate to all-IP when you are ready.

In addition to serving a wide range of businesses, we provide mission-critical communications around the world for utilities and oil and gas installations. Our systems operate in the harshest and most challenging and extreme environments.

Whether you are building a state or nationwide network or looking to deploy LTE solutions with high-speed wireless backhaul for new Smart grids, IDS technology can help you all the way.


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What is 5G internet solution and how is it different from 4G?

5G internet solution is the latest generation of wireless technology that provides faster internet speed, lower latency, and higher network capacity than 4G. It uses a different radio frequency and more advanced technology to transmit data, enabling faster and more reliable connections.

What is video surveillance and how is it used?

Video surveillance is a system of cameras and recording devices used to monitor and record activity in a specific area. It is commonly used for security purposes, such as in public places, homes, and businesses, to deter criminal activity and provide evidence in case of incidents.

What is VOLTE and how does it work?

VOLTE (Voice over LTE) is a technology that allows voice calls to be made over 4G LTE networks. It uses IP (Internet Protocol) to transmit voice calls as data packets, enabling faster and higher quality calls than traditional circuit-switched voice calls.

How can 5G improve the quality of video surveillance?

5G can improve the quality of video surveillance by providing faster and more reliable internet connections, enabling higher resolution video and real-time streaming of footage. It can also support more advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence applications to enhance the effectiveness of video surveillance.